The 2022 Science Week Competition

This Science Week, the focus of the joint AMSA and AMOS event will be climate change. As part of this event, we are holding a competition. We want to hear your ideas about how we might adapt to climate change at the local level, or ideas around climate change mitigation. We welcome ideas from anyone anywhere in Tasmania.

All you need to do is to construct a five (5) minute video outlining a local impact climate change is having, or will have, and your idea(s) on how we can adapt to, or mitigate, this impact. You might like to build a model to describe, a poster to show and discuss, or perhaps just explain your ideas directly to the camera.

A panel of judges will select the top two five (5) minute films from each section based on their ability to inform and engage a broad audience (primary school students to fellow researchers), and the originality and feasibility of the idea(s) presented. These films will receive a prize. The winning video in each section will be promoted during National Science Week with a formal screening and seminar-panel discussion organised by TasAMSA and AMOS as part of the University of Tasmania’s Winter Lecture Series (in Hobart). All submitted and eligible videos will become part of the video collection maintained by AMSA and AMOS for educational purposes.

Terms and Conditions of the Competition.

  1. Competition is open to all Tasmanian residents
  2. Entrants should prepare a video about climate change adaptation or mitigation of no more than five (5) minutes in length. 
  3. All videos should focus on climate change adaptation or mitigation. Videos focussed on other fields will not be considered for this competition.
  4. There are three sections: primary (years Kindergarten to 6 in primary school); secondary (years 7 – 12 in school); and open (everyone who has left school).
  5. AMOS and AMSA will include links to all relevant videos in the online video library hosted on this site for public viewing and discussion.
  6. Under no circumstances should a video contain offensive language or ideas. Such videos will not be considered for this competition and will not become part of the video library.
  7. All entries must complete the permission to use footage form.
  8. Entries should be links to YouTube videos submitted using the form linked at the bottom of this page, along with the permission to use footage form.
  9. Competition closes 5pm 1 August 2022
  10. Video should be in landscape mode
  11. You may include music, but be aware that copyright applies (Please be aware of YouTube’s copyright policy).

Enter here

Once you have entered your details and the link to your video on YouTube, you will receive a prompt to submit your permission to use footage form via email.