Climate and Marine Science in action

The Tasmanian Australian Marine Science Association (TasAMSA) and The Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (AMOS) invite Tasmanians to contribute to the the discussion around climate change this National Science Week (13 – 21 August 2022).

We want to involve YOU in this discussion. Make a short video about your ideas and enter it into our competition! If you are one of our finalists, your video will be shown at our public forum held during Science Week.

Our event will allow the public to participate in discussion about climate adaptation and mitigation solutions to one of the most significant challenges of our time.

Community science learning

So often we rely on government and scientists to provide solutions. But the public often has a range of excellent ideas and solutions to problems. Why not show some of these ideas to our policy makers? Local solutions are usually most effective when there is significant input from ‘the locals’. These ideas may be about how to adapt to climate change (climate change adaptation) and its impacts or they may be about ways we can reduce or even stop putting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere (climate change mitigation).

If you are interested in participating in our climate adaptation solution competition please see